A Bittersweet Goodbye

This will unfortunately be my last post. Here come the waterworks.

Writing this blog has been a very exciting journey where I not only got to educate you all about ocean pollution, but I also got to learn a thing or two. I appreciate everyone who has kept reading my posts and supported me through it all, but it is time for me to go a separate way.

Going off of this I want to direct you guys to an amazing blog called Oceanwire. They post so much about saving our oceans and who is in our oceans to save. They have a great page and I hope that you all check it out in my absence.

I do hope that you all continue to be interested in keeping our oceans clean and finding ways that we can stop ocean pollution. Who know, maybe one day there will be no ocean pollution. Maybe one day our oceans will be restored to their former glory.

I would like to end with a quote from someone who’s last name is ocean. It’s been great everyone.

“And the best advice I got was keep writing, and keep living, and keep loving” -Frank Ocean


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