She’s Brielle-iant!

I’m sure most of my readers know about The Ellen Show and how she takes comedy and uses it to talk about some serious issues.

She sometimes has this little girl Brielle come onto her show and teach lessons because she is very smart and knows what she is talking about. She is also very adorable and everything she says sounds funny.

Image result for brielle the ellen show finding dory

Once episode that I like in particular is when Brielle is sent to Build a Bear to make her own Dory. In the beginning of this video clip Brielle gives a lot of information about Dory and Nemo. This makes me wonder what she would think if she knew the truth about those fish?

Unfortunately many of the Pacific Blue Tangs are being sold illegally.

When the movie first premiered there were many articles urging parents to be warned of this and to not buy their kids these fish.

They obviously don’t talk or speak whale!

When kids find this out they might not like them so much. Not only have these fish been taken from the ocean, they’re also not cared for properly.

Also, the different coral reefs that the Blue Tangs live in are slowly dying. For example: the Great Barrier Reef. Not quite dead. Not quite as alive as it has been.

Not so funny now is it?

So as adorable and funny as these videos are, these are actual real problems.Brielle probably doesn’t know this since she is only 4, but she is still educating her audience about these fish and how they belong in the ocean. Great job Brielle!



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