Adidas Steps It Up

So many of you may have heard about Adidas new shoe. There will only be 7,000 sold as of right now and they are $220. You might be wondering why these shoes are so expensive and why there are so few being sold.

The reason for both of these is that it is made almost entirely from ocean plastic. 95% to be exact.

Adidas originally came out with a 3D printed prototype of these shoes last year to demonstrate exactly how the industry can rethink design and help stop ocean plastic pollution.

They’re called “UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley” and this won’t be the last time they will be sold. Adidas plans on making a minimum of 1 million pairs by the end of 2017, hopefully they’ll also reduce the cost.

Image result for adidas Ultra BOOST Uncaged Parley

They go on sale in mid November so if these sound like something that you or someone you know might be interested in, pay attention to when the sale begins! It’ll come just in time for Christmas!

I personally don’t think that I will be buying these shoes anytime soon due to being in college and struggling just to buy milk. I think the idea behind the shoes is a big step in the right direction though.

By a big company like Adidas to be recognizing the problem of ocean pollution, more people might be more aware of how big the problem actually is. Or they might just buy the shoes because they are super cute and will be helping to reduce ocean pollution without even knowing!

If the shoes happen to go on sale when they produce the one million shoes by the end of next year, then they will definitely be going on my birthday or Christmas list. They are actually very stylish even though some models do look like they directly sewed in a fishing net…



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