A SLICK Situation

The common thought with ocean pollution is that it is a very direct process. From humans to ocean. Boom. Pollution.

This is called a single story. One certain story about a country, person, or in this case pollution. It isn’t necessarily always true, but if it is true then it doesn’t define that subject.

With ocean pollution, most of the trash starts on land. When it rains runoff flows to the sea, carrying with it agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, and trash. Eighty percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land.

It’s not all trash that you see on the side of the highway though. Most of the trash is from something called nonpoint source pollution. This includes motor vehicle engines that drop small amounts of oil each day onto roads and parking lots. Much of this makes its way to the sea.

Not only is this harmful to the animals living in the ocean, but also humans. You’re basically harming yourselves. In other words: if you have an oil leak…FIX IT NOW.

Image result for oil in ocean

Although the oil that you see covering penguins in commercials isn’t the same type of oil that is going to be coming from your car, it is still a very serious problem that is affecting our marine life. Just because it isn’t as grimly shown on our TV’s doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Sometimes ocean pollution isn’t something that you can help. You can’t stop driving just because you’re scared the oil from your car is going to end up in the ocean.

Just remember that ocean pollution isn’t just a single story. It has all types of stories of causes and solutions. All you can do is try to help clean up our oceans and support organizations that are trying to make our oceans cleaner.


4 thoughts on “A SLICK Situation

  1. This was a very interesting post. I did not know the oil on the streets found its way back into the ocean. That kind of scares me. Ocean pollution is a terrifying thing because there is not much we can do besides clean up the trash and try to prevent people from leaving their trash in the ocean. Oil spills are are so frustrating because it is difficult to get every bit of oil out of the ocean. It hurts the animals living in the ocean, and it destroys the ocean all together. There is not much people can do. Unless there are more organizations, and people in power that will help fight for the environment. Great post!


    1. I think that the fact that any small thing that we do can be harming our oceans is a very scary thought to all of us. Even when we are doing absolutely nothing wrong like driving to the grocery store or to school we can be harming our oceans in a very big way. Sure your oil from your car is not going to harm our oceans in a huge way, but all the cars together that leak oil out on the streets will. A very frightening thought.


  2. karina

    This was a very informative post. I definitely learned a lot from this and I really appreciate it. I never knew pollution was so much more than what we typically thought it could be, which was direct person to ocean. I wonder how much longer it will take until the oceans are severely damaged and then there won’t be many solutions left.


    1. Thank you so much! Pollution can be a very scary thing because there is so much that we don’t know about it. There are so many different forms of pollution in this world that goes into our oceans and the rest of our world that we don’t even know about. I wonder too when that point will be that there is no returning.Hopefully it isn’t too soon.


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