Washed Ashore Art

Recently I read a post on Oceanwire about how the artist’s at Washed Ashore turned debris into art.

I found this post to be extremely interesting because you wouldn’t think that making the trash that washed up onto beaches into art to raise awareness of the problem, but it makes sense! All of the sculptures are of animals that live in the ocean too which makes it more of an impact since they are the ones who are affected so greatly by all of that trash.

I also decided to check out Washed Ashore’s website. What I found really interesting was the statistics of all of the trash that goes into making these sculptures. 38,000 pounds of marine debris has been processed. That’s almost as much weight as a Greyhound bus.

By using the trash that they find on beaches they are actually cleaning the beaches. There has been 300+ miles of beaches cleaned and 60+ sculptures created from their trash.

If you didn’t know the back story behind these sculptures, you would probably just assume that they are abstract sculptures of sea creatures.

Reading this made me think about what can we do at a more local level. If people were willing to we could also clean up some of beaches and, although we aren’t all artists, we could at least put some of that trash on display to show what appears on our beaches. I’m sure it would have the same affect if we put it on display in some obscure sculpture and just put informational cards on the sides of it.

By this group of activists making these wonderful sculptures of animals it inspires other people to possibly do the same. We all have the same goal in mind: spread awareness of the problem that is ocean pollution and try to put an end to it. These sculptures not only clean our beaches and help to clean our oceans, but they also spread awareness of the ever-growing problem.

If you would like to see these sculptures in person they have a display at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT pictured below!


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