The Great Barrier Grief

Recently there has been rumors surrounding the life of the Great Barrier Reef. Or rather lack of. There was an obituary for the reef which caused a large uproar. FALSE.

It’s alive!!! Barely.

The reef did suffer greatly during this year’s bleaching, 22% of the reef did actually die. But it’s not dead! That’s something to celebrate!

Don’t celebrate too long though. Something needs to change to keep it alive.

Australia is already on board. They’ve come up with a plan to preserve the reef called the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan. It’s a 35 year plan that will strengthen the reef and maintain it’s value.

They plan to invest more than $2 billion over the next 10 years for research and management activities on the reef. The goal is to protect and manage the reef from the impacts of climate change, commercial fishing, land-based overflow, coastal land-use change and other threats.

The actions they plan to implement include ship monitoring, net-free fishing zones, regulation of debris from ships and urban environments, and management systems for vulnerable species and habitats, such as marine turtle nesting areas.

Think of all the baby turtles that are going to be saved by this plan! Not only will the reef stay alive, but the turtles will also. Win win!

If only they could put the plan into action faster! We got a reef to rescue!

It isn’t just pollution that is affecting it though. It’s all of this climate change. Australia has experiences high summer temperatures and the hottest fall on record.

When combined with the pollution that is going into our oceans, the heat causes the coral to bleach and therefore dies.

So you know these really warm days that we’ve been having? Yeah. They’re killing the reef.

Hopefully the climate starts to regulate and stops killing our reefs. Not only is the Great Barrier Reef a huge tourist attraction for Australia, but it’s also a home for many of the creatures that live in our ocean.

Think of the creatures! Save our reef!


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